the best ways to strengthen your business

Your team will learn how to work better and make your company stronger, and your partners will have something to look forward to for the next year.
One of the best ways to strengthen your business bonds to your partners or your employees is through a very competitive environment that race sailing offers you.  Under the skippers guidance, the crew will be instructed in all aspects of sailing our unique, state oft he art race vessel and there will be team exercises including individual duties such as helming, grinding, navigation and sail triming.

Teams can be made up from six to twentyfive people. At the end of each day, the team will meet to enjoy the evening at one of the restaurants in the marina.The sailing challenge is co-ordinated by experienced staff who are on hand at all times to ensure a professional and seamless sailing experience.Corporate activities are organised individually, and we can offer advice and guidance on what would be most suitable for your needs.

Designing activities involves you, and activities are based on both your budget and your specific requirements. Doesn't matter if you have a small, intimate group or a team of 50 (or more) people, we can adapt all activities to suit your needs.

During the training the following elements will be offered:
Deck positions: setting of and training with roles and responsibilities: tactician, helmsman, main sail trim, genoa trim, spi etc.

Advanced procedures:spinnaker sailing, advanced main/Genova trim, preparing the boat for starting.

Regatta procedures:start, rounding the mark(s), course tactic


Transfer from the airports of Trieste, Venice or Ljubljana to the Falisia Resort (5 *)  
16.00 Welcome drinks and check in 
18.00 Presentation- Better together
20.00 Dinner experience at the beach club

09.30 Introduction into the world of race sailing
11.00 On board- set up training and distribution of sailing gear and equipment
12.30 Lunch Picknick
13.00-17.30 Sail training and skill drills
18.00 free for Wellness and Spa
20.00 Italian cuisine experience at the countryside

09.30 Sail tour with race training to Croatia and back, food onboard
18.00 Wellness and Spa
20.00 Restaurant Briz, Music and Vine tasting

10.00 Surprise event
afternoon transfer to the airports
Exclusive, thrilling and very, very „we together“. No team building event has come close since – thank you. We will certainly be back
Patrick Lichtblau
Helios Group
The welcoming hospitality and friendly demeanour of the Morning Glory crew was very much appreciated. We had great fun!
Ralph Lanckohr
Ring International Holding AG
We have to say that the crew were the best crew that we have ever met and had the pleasure of sailing with – individually and collectively they were world-class.
Mark Partzelt
MD Art Gecko Outdoor Convenience
Morning Glory is a rollercoaster, a pure race machine- it was the thrill of my life!
Ralph Gassner
Jet Charter

luxury resort Portopiccolo Sistiana

Nestled within a stunning strip of land coastline overlooking crystal clear waters,
luxury resort Portopiccolo Sistiana is one of North East Italy's best-kept secrets.
It's just one hour from Venice and a few minutes from Trieste, with easy access to Germany, Austria and Slovenia. But you might not be looking to leave the incredible resort. With jawdropping infinity pools, stylish beach clubs, beautiful restaurants and an array of boutiques, Portopiccolo Sistiana is fully equipped.

It was completed in 2015, so is a new addition to the Italian coastline. Built in the style of an old Italian town, the resort comprises everything a luxury travel would request.

At the heart of the resort is the Luxury Collection 5* Falisia Resort & Spa, with breathtaking views over the marina. Rooms and suites are stylish and modern and boast beautiful terraces overloooking the coastline. For those looking for further relaxation, there is a 4500 m2 Spa which pampers you with endless amnenities and offers a wide range of body threatments.

If you want to explore outside of the resort, there is no better place to go on cultural tours, such as the world famous horse staples of Lipica the Postojna caves, trips to Trieste, Grado and Venice and enjoy the incredible local cuisine around the area.


Nestled in a private bay on the Gulf of Trieste, explore an exclusive new build that has absorbed a rich maritime tradition.
 Part of chic Portopiccolo, Falisia is an integral part of this elite marina village and relaxation extends to the hotel's wellness center and Portopiccolo Spa by Bakel. The resort enjoys a privileged beach club and marina-front location, with easy access to nearby Venice, but also Germany, Austria and Slovenia, inviting guests to explore the remarkable Adriatic coastline by land and sea.
A unique setting near Grado's beautiful lagoons, and the seasonal colors of the Rilke trail. Let us be your guide to the romantic Adriatic coast.



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Morning Glory is definetively a wonderful object to place your brand name or advertisement, not only on certain race events or promotions but also during the whole Year.

Please contact us and we will be happy to explain you more in detail.


Morning Glory is not only a thrill to ride or an amazing team experience. It is also a wonderful advertisment tool, which catches all eyes. To give you an idea what we are talking about please review the media coverage of the Barcolana 49:
1.760  media announcements in the web
1.852.111 followers in direct TV
6.745.140   followers in service TV
300.000  fans at the site
30.227 viewers on FB at the official page
5.819  viewers FB live Team official page
70.000  viewers FB live (Barcolana page)
63  Nations to watch the FB Team page
29452  activities on the FB Team page